She got moxie

-- and don't you love it?

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Cell Phone: 555-0384
Mac! Red Streaks
"You've reached Mac's cell phone. I'm not about right now, obviously, so leave me a message and I'll get back to ya."


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redirected voicemail, yay!

[from here]

"Um, hey. Yeah, I got your message, um . . . who are you? I mean, have we met? You didn't leave a name. But, well, I have plans for tonight, but I guess I could come over after workshops . . . what's 'snogging'? I mean, it sounds like fun . . . . Anyway, um, yeah. Just, tell me who you are and where your room is, and sure, we'll snog. Fun times! I'll even keep my mouth shut! I can do that, I seriously can. See? I'm doing it now. . . . Um. Bye!"


Re: redirected voicemail, yay!

[Went over here!]

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